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Stucco Classico: Repair of 1920s Plain Gypsum Plaster over Wood Lath

Plaster Repair Example

Here is a repair performed on a house built in 1929. A leak developed in the roof and was allowed to continue for about one year. Despite the length of the leak, the ceiling was still basically sound. If this plaster had gypsum lath or been a newer system, it would certainly have been in much worse shape. The plaster had become loose from the lath and in a small area had swollen excessively. The skim coat delaminated over a large area. The swollen area was removed and replaced. The loose base coat was re-attached with adhesive. The whole area was given a new skim coat of lime and gauging plaster.

Plaster Repair Example 1.1

Plaster Repair Example 1.2

Plaster Repair Example 1.3 We recommend waiting at least 30 days before applying paint due to the caustic qualities of the lime used in the finish coat. Oil based paint is particularly vulnerable to the alkilinity.

Stucco Classico: Plaster Repair for Pennsylvania