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Stucco Classico: Plaster and Stucco Galleries

Below are links to various sample jobs. Each job has its own page.

Gallery of New Three coat Work: Dome and Helical Ceiling

Three Coat Gypsum Plaster Ceilings in Specialized Shapes

Gallery of One Coat Lime Stucco in Cellar

Lime Stucco in 150 year old basement, replacing failed synthetic materials.

Repair of Ceiling and Arched Window Niche

Ceiling Repair and Running a Plaster Arch in Situ

Basic Repair of 1950s ceiling

Basic Repair of 1920s ceiling

Repair of Lime Stucco with Ornamental Gypsum Moulding

Water damage repair to ornamental Plaster. Base coats are lime stucco.