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Stucco Classico: Ornamental Plaster Repair

Repair Example

Here is a repair job performed on nineteenth century home. The ceilings were eleven feet high. This house suffered a long period of neglect. Some plumbing had been installed and the repair work was done poorly. Moreover, the plumbing developed a leak and dripped for a very long time. The floors joists rotted completely. The area was covered with a piece of drywall.

After removing the bad material, the ceiling was tested for structural soundness and found unsound. Other tradesman repaired the structural issues. Once this work was completed, the repairs could begin. New wood lath was installed. A scratch coat and brown coat was installed in a lime stucco, to match the original material. This required a wait between coats. The sorrounding plaster was reattached using Big Wally's adhesive. A coat of gauging plaster and lime was used to finish

For the ornamental plaster, an impression was taken of the mold where (reasonably) sound and a mould was created so the moulding could be run on the wall. The hollow portion of the moulding was deep enough that it actually required the brown coat to have a recess in it. Moreover, movement over the years had created some irregularities in the moulding and wall. It would have been very difficult if not impossible to repair this moulding by running the moulding on a bench and installing it later. Below are some images.

Finish shot:

Dome Before Finish

2nd finish shot:

Spiral Staircase

3rd finish shot:

Spiral Staircase

Here is the complete brown coat while the cornice is run:

Spiral Staircase

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